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Wezifa is a smart online recruitment solution for people at the start of their career or want to take their career to the next level and the employers who need great people.

1- Make an account

2- Build your resume in a professional way

3- Search for the job that fits your skills

4- Apply for that job through the website

Through wezifa you can :

1/ Create one – or more – professional cv.

2/ Apply for any job advertised in the the website – for free- now and forever.

3/ Receive a continuous notifications about your hiring status.

4/ Receive continuous suggestions for tips,articles and courses related to your specialization.

5/ Get an easy smart control panel to manage all your activities.

6/ Send and receive messages to all stockholders through the website.

In Wezifa we are not just publishing jobs, Wezifa tries to get a better understanding of the needs for both job seekers and recruiters and developing smart solutions based on advance deep analysis.

Why should i join WEZIFA employers community

1/ save time

When your company partners with WEZIFA, you earn a substantial amount of time back. Instead of developing and posting job listings, as well as managing an advertising campaign, let’s do it for you.

2/ Hire better candidates

With a competitive and smart strategy, we can reach and connect you with the best candidates that can make a long- and short-term impact on your business.

3/ Streamline recruitment

Traditional recruitment marketing can help you find some candidates, but limits your business to a small pool of applicants.

With Wezifa, you can expand your options and capture in-demand candidates. More plus, you can streamline your recruitment efforts.

4/ Reduce cost and maximize your achievements

With better candidates becoming a part of your company through WEZIFA, you can minimize your employee’s turnover. Plus, you can lower your hiring costs at the same time by reducing your hiring rates.

5/ receive instant reports

Through Wezifa you can get an instant smart reports about your hiring situation containing advance analysis and recommendations can help you to take a better decision.